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ResumeStats.COM provides quality tracking, stats and follow-up for your resume.

This service tracks:
  • Which employers click on your sent resume/cover letter.
  • Where your resume/cover letter goes. For example, an employer may forward your e-mail to other personel in their company. ResumeStats.COM tracks this information for you.
  • Which job web services are providing referals.

ResumeStats.COM provides the following statistics:
  • Percentage of your sent resumes/cover letters that have been clicked vs. non-clicked.
  • Most viewed resume/cover letter file type.
  • Percentage of resume/cover letters that are clicked after sending follow-up e-mail(s).

Our service gives you the ability to follow-up with employers in a timely and efficient manner:
  • Use a personalized template e-mail to follow-up with those who have and have not clicked your resume.
  • Send your final follow-up e-mail to determine if a position is still open.
  • Receive anonymous feedback from employers regarding your resume/cover letter.


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